Sunday, 4 December 2011

ABBA - The Day Before You Came (Matt Mix)

ABBA's final recording was one of their saddest, and a very suitable track for bowing out with. It is believed that Agnetha performed the song with the lights turned off, and everyone in the studio got the impression that was the end for the band. Two more singles were released after this one Under Attack (#26 UK) and Thank You For The Music (#33 UK), although these were recorded at an earlier date.

Recorded in October 1982, the song was released to promote the album The Singles: The First Ten Years. It is ironic that during their final years ABBA were experiencing a decline in sales, but were also releasing some of their finest songs. It is only in more recent times that these recordings have been truly appreciated.

The video mix above adds a dance groove to the original song, but has also added to the melancholy and length of the original tune. I'm not usually in favour of dance remixes of classic tunes as the beat usually destoys the song. However, in this case it hasn't done so and I hope you agree that this is a top quality mix.

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