Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Adam Ant - Room At The Top - Extended Video Mix

This is not from the 80s I hear you say! Well, yes it was released in 1990, but this was actually recorded in the 80s! Room At The Top reached #13 in the UK singles chart and #17 in the U.S. The song featured on the album Manners & Physique which was recorded during the Spring of 1989, but released almost a year later in March 1990. In fact, six of the tracks on the album were actually written in 1986, so this was very much an eighties album. It was reasonably successful, reaching #19 in the UK and #57 in the U.S.

Room At The Top was Adam Ant's first Top 40 single since 1984, when the British New Wave artist reached #13 with Apollo 9. The track is rather more "poppy" and commercial than his earlier work, but still has a bit of an edge to it just to let you know this is still Adam Ant, and I particularly like the lead guitar on this one. However, it was the only hit single from the Manners & Physique album, and Adam had to wait another five years for another Top 40 hit with Wonderful in 1995, the title-track from the album which peaked at #32 in the UK and #39 in the U.S. 

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