Thursday, 22 December 2011

Arcadia - Election Day (Full-Length 80s Video)

Formed in 1985, Arcadia were a temporary band/project set-up by Duran Duran members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor, who adopted a kind of smart, upmarket gothic look - they even dyed their hair black! Of course, the Duran Duran image was always slick and stylish, but Arcadia was just a bit darker, although towards the end of the project their hair started to feature golden highlights once again. The trio only released one album entitled So red The Rose which was very successful, achieving Platinum sales in the US and 2x Platinum in Canada. It peaked at #30 in the UK.

The single Election Day was released in October 1985 (a month before the album) and was a number one in Italy and peaked at #6 in the US and #7 in the UK. It features the voice of Grace Jones both singing and talking. Other singles released from the album were Goodbye Is Forever (not released in the UK for some reason), The Promise and The Flame.

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