Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (80's 12 Inch Disco Mix)

Domino Dancing was the 11th single release by synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, and reached #7 in the UK during 1988. This was the boys 7th consecutive Top Ten hit single and featured on their third studio album Introspective. Written by Tennant and Lowe (as is nearly always the case), the song featured latin influences and was produced in Miami by Lewis A. Martinee.

Other hits songs from the Introspective  album were You Are Always On My Mind, Left To My Own Devices and It's Alright. The album was a huge success and went on to sell over 4.5 million copies, making it their second best-seliing album. Also featured on the album is their own version of I'm Not Scared, which was also a hit for the band Eighth Wonder (featuring Patsy Kensit as lead singer) and was written by the duo.

During the 80s, Pet Shop Boys achieved success with four number one singles and since 1984 (they formed in 1981) they have sold over 100 million records. A new album entitled Formal is expected to be released in February 2012.

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