Friday, 16 December 2011

Van Halen - Jump (Matt Mix)

This is another great mix by the Dutch Mixer and producer Matt Pop. I hear a lot of dance remixes of classic 80's tunes, and most of them totally destroy the song. But this professional mix of Van Halen's Jump works really well and also blends in a sample from The Pointer Sisters song Jump, which is a totally different song, of course, but just uses the same title.

Jump was the band's only #1 single in the U.S. (#7 UK) and was the first track to be lifted from the album 1984. This synth-driven rock song was a big change in style from the earlier hard rock songs by Van Halen, and introduced a more commercial sound, but fortunately still contained an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo. So with the original song about halfway between arena rock and pop, the Matt mix completely cuts out the rock element to give the song an up-to-date dance feel. Of course, if you're a rock fan you're going to hate this!

Watch the original Jump video by Van Halen at


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