Monday, 23 January 2012

Michael Jackson - Thriller (80's Instrumental)

I'm so pleased to have found an instrumental version of the original Thriller tune. As an amateur musician, I'm always keen to find out how a song has been constructed, and this mix really lets all the separate components such as that classic bassline and funky guitar riff shine through.

Thriller is the title track from the best-selling album of all-time. Released just in time for Christmas 1982, nobody could have believed just how well this truly classic album was going to sell. Every track on that album worthy of being a hit single - seven of them were - except for The Girl Is Mine that is. Bizarrely, the most unexciting song on the album was released as the lead single! Subsequently, sales of Thriller got off to a slower start than expected. However, by the following Christmas the album had become a phenomenal success, with quality singles such as Billie Jean and Beat It helping to push the album to sales of 1 million per week at its peak! Michael Jackson had reached the pinnacle of his career.

Thriller was the last song to be released as a single and helped to significantly extend the shelf life of the album. The song is brilliantly constructed, and when the highly anticipated video was released it had everyone dropping their jaws with amazement. A 14 minute Horror extravaganza featuring a quite brilliant dance routine with actors dressed as zombies, led by Michael Jackson himself, of course. An unforgettable piece of pop history had been created by an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and dancer.

Watch the original full length video at my website Simply Eighties

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