Friday, 13 January 2012

New Order - Blue Monday (Matt Pop's Red Tuesday Mix)

This is another extraordinary Matt Pop remix of an 80's classic. New Order purists may not like this mix at all, but judging by the feedback on Youtube the majority of people love it! Matt has completely manipulated the chords to create a whole new song. Very cleverly done, and give this a chance and I'm sure you'll really get into it. Of course, you're always expecting to hear the original melody, but this new one really grows on you. Matt has managed to retain the minimalist feel, too.

The original 80's tune is still the best-selling 12 inch of all time and is always popular in the clubs. Released in 1983, there were also remixes released in 1988 and 1995, although I still much prefer the minimalism of the original.

Check out the original 12" mix of Blue Monday on this blog and also visit the New Order page at my website

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