Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gary Numan - Cars (Live at Wembley in 1981)

This video clip features Gary Numan performing Cars live at Wembley Arena, London in April 1981. Released in 1979, Cars was Numan's debut single as a solo artist, topping the charts in both the UK and Canada. Previously, Are Friends Electric? (with his band Tubeway Army) had also topped the charts.  

Cars is Numan's most-recognised synthpop tune as a solo artist and has been a hit in three seperate decades. In the 80s the track was remixed and re-released in 1987, reaching #16 in the UK singles chart and in 1996 another re-release reached #17. What is interesting to me is that there is no chorus, with the instrumental breaks (provided by Analog synthesizers) making up the main melody. The verse, of course, is being sung by Numan in a robotic style. Some would argue that the verse is actually the chorus, and that there is no verse. You decide!

Watch the video for the original version of Cars at my website

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