Monday, 13 February 2012

Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Instrumental Version)

I suppose you could argue that an instrumental version of "n-n-n-n-nineteen" is kind of pointless, as the stuttering vocal is the best part of the song. Actually, the stuttering still features on this mix, as do some of the female backing vocal parts, so it's only half an instrumental really. What has been stripped out is the narrative about the Vietnam war. Personally, though, I adore instrumental mixes from the 80s as you get to hear everything in finer detail, and this instrumental of 19 allows you to do just that - love that eighties drum track!

English synth musician Paul Hardcastle was responsible for the eighties theme tune to UK music show Top Of The Pops. Entitled The Wizard, the instrumental synth track reached #15 in the UK singles chart during 1986. He released more than a dozen singles and four albums during the 80s. Released in 1985, 19 was Hardcastle's biggest hit by far, reaching #1 in nine countries including the UK where it topped the charts for five weeks.

Two more songs by Paul Hardcastle entered the British charts; Just For Money reached #19 in 1985 and Don't Waste My Time reached #8  during 1986. Both songs featured on paul's self-titled, electro dance-pop album, along with the song 19. He has also produced work for 80s pop acts Sinitta and Five Star, as well as Barry White and Ian Dury. His most recent album entitled Hardcastle VI was released in September 2011.

Watch the original 80s video for 19 (with vocals) at my website

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