Sunday, 4 March 2012

Duran Duran - Rio - 12 Inch Extended

This is the "12 inch super long extended version" (just using "extended" would have been sufficient!) which has been remixed by Chick Norman. It's nice to see a proper moving video accompanying the track, too, as many mixes only feature a still photo. It features parts of the original video (directed by Russell Mulcahy) which represents the glamour and succes that was very symbolic of the 1980s. The band can be seen strutting their stuff on a speedboat out in the Caribbean, and the complete video took three days to shoot, apparently.

Rio was Duran Duran's seventh hit single of the 80s and released during a period when the band were reaching the peak of their career. The song reached #9 in the UK singles chart in December 1982 and was released worldwide in January 1983. This was the title track and fourth and final single to be released from the Rio album. Previously, Save A Prayer had reached #2 in the British singles chart. For the "techies" among you, the hook to the song was created using the arpeggiator feature on a Roland Jupiter 4.

Some interesting facts now! Between 1982 and 1986, Duran Duran achieved success with ten successive Top Ten singles in the UK. Rio has been covered by Green Day, Nirvana and Barenaked Ladies at their live concerts, and is sometimes chanted at football matches whenever Rio Ferdinand plays, as follows; "His name is Rio, Rio, Rio Ferdinand".

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