Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (2011 Remix)

This is another top quality Matt Mix (he's an 80s remix genius!) and you'll find several more of his remixes scattered throughout this blog. The Safety Dance was a one hit wonder in the UK reaching #6 in 1983. However, the Canadian new wave band were more successful in their home country and achieved six Top 40 hits during the 80s. Featuring on the album Rhythm Of Youth, the song reached #6 in the UK. Ironically, the song only reached #11 in Canada!

The band's second biggest hit of the 80s was Pop Goes The World. The title track from their thrid album reached #1 in Australia, #2 in Canada and #20 in the U.S. Although the band now have a different line-up, on March 6, 2012 they announced on Facebook that they will be releasing a new album entitled Love In The Age Of War in May 2012.

As strange as the video was, this wasn't the only eighties video to feature midgets. The novelty song Bring Me Eidleweiss by Bring Me Eidlewess (which borrowed the main chorus from ABBA's hit song SOS) also featured them, too! 

Watch the original video of The Safety Dance at my website

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